Lanit-Tercom ITALY

Scientific-intensive projects

Lanit-Tercom Italy – represents our European headquarters for research and development activities.

Our company brings together top-notch SW and HW developers. We live for tough, knowledge-intensive projects. We’re proud of our solutions and clients.

Our partners

What we do

Your idea and product don’t matter; what matters is what they let people do. Success is defined by how powerfully you force your idea to work on behalf of your audience. Luck in today’s marketplace of ideas is created by being daring, creative, and able to make a positive impact in the lives of people using your product.

Tom Asacker Innovator, change agent


Social projects

Lanit-Tercom actively participate in the life of society and we believe that our goal is to make it better every day with our solutions. We support social projects in sport and healthy lifestyle for the kids and adults.

Official sponsor of CUS – the sports complex of the University of Bari
Sponsor of the sports association Tennistavolo Bari


Italian Office

Bari, 70132, viale Volga S.N.C., pad. 129

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