Russian Digital Week 2019 | 11-15/11 Roma

14 November 2019

The Russian Digital Week 2019 was held in Rome at the Russian Center for Science and Culture, from 11 to 15 November, and Lanit-Tercom Italia could not miss. The Russian Digital Week is the annual event organized by the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo, which presents the innovations achieved by Russian companies in the digital world: the event in Rome is particularly important, because the main goal was to offer a common place where IT Russian companies and Russian-Italian cooperation examples could meet. This allows the first ones to show the Russian business model in the IT field and excellent examples of collaboration with Italy, and the second ones to learn about Russian acquisitions and realities of digital innovation

Lanit-Tercom Italia, Italian company born in Apulia from the collaboration between Italy and the great company Lanit-Tercom in Russia, has participated not only as an exemplary Italian-Russian company that mixes innovation and IT skills of both countries on Italian territory, but also as a representative of Russoft, the institution that brings together the best Russian companies in the IT sector. Lanit-Tercom Italia is therefore, for all intents and purposes, an example and the answer to the question “How is it possible a collaboration between Russia and Italy in the IT world?”

As speaker there was the General Director, Katherina Ufnarovskaya, with the speech “Systems, methods, tools, working practices and managing innovations”: she described the virtuous model of Lanit-Tercom Italia based on skills, experiences exchange and development of new technologies, in order to “collaborate to create and sell to the largest third-party markets“.