Software developer

We are looking for junior and senior programmers to our office in Bari. It is not required specific knowledge of a particular programming language, but it requires knowledge of the English language. The selection is made by interview and, possibly, the development of a logic programming test.

Required skills and experience:
Development of Optic-based sensors for autonomous vehicles:
a. Stereo view
b. Object recognition thanks to automatic learning
c. Working with Camera Systems
d. Performance optimization with ARM, CUDA
is. Jetson TX2 and other embedded platforms
f. Development of algorithms related to image processing Technologies: C ++, QT, OpenCV, CUDA envy, TBB. Familiarity with image algorithms and video processing, familiarity with OpenCV.
Experience in Machine Learning for CNN (SSd, Yolo, Mask R-CNN, etc.), is well accepted.
The presence of a training in engineering (mathematics, physics, computer science, etc.), is appreciated to have more possibilities to read the algorithms.

Project: ADAS & Autonomous
Stoneridge for heavy industrial vehicles

Main duties and responsibilities:
• Development of key components
• Planning of the development of the tasks
• Coordination with the customer
• Evaluation of the characteristics of different platforms during development

What consequences:
• Work in a team of professionals of international origin
• Stimulating and integrated research activities
• interesting remuneration
• Professional training programs
• You are evaluating the possibility of activating Smart Working
• CCNL Mechanical Engineering Contract

The salary will be established following the performance of the interview and the proven experience of the candidate.

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